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VCU will hold remote classes for the remainder of the semester to ensure that students can complete the semester as safely as possible and with as much continuity as possible.

Multiple resources have been developed and are being updated continuously. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions received through Additional questions as well as specific resources to support academics and research are available through the Office of the Provost's COVID-19 Updates website.

For students

Will VCU reimburse any portion of tuition and fees since I am now learning in a remote environment?
Will there be a Pass/Fail grade option for the spring semester? Where can I find more information?
Who do I contact with questions about a specific course or program?
I’m not used to taking courses online. What resources are available to me?
What if I didn't previously need accommodations because I wasn't taking online courses or studying in the interim class format resulting fron COVID-19?
My course was already online. What does the change in the academic calendar mean for me?
What will happen to summer classes?

For faculty

What resources are available to faculty to help them conduct courses online?
What resources are available to faculty to help support students who are expressing stress?

Research and libraries

What resources are available to researchers?
Now that VCU Libraries' physical space is closed, how will they continue to support us in our studies, research and teaching?

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